Limescale Prevention System

Phasis POWER are electronic appliances designed to protect against lime sediments (limescale) in the pipelines by means of high-frequency and high-power electromagnetic impulses. The innovation technology keeps the pipes of your home, hotel or industrial object clean without chemical detergents and prevents limescale formation in the future.

  • Hotels and industrial facilities
  • Industrial and agricultural facilities

Phasis POWER advantages:

- removes limescale and prevents its formation
- saves on detergents
- conserves valuable microelements in the water
- increases water pressure by removing limescale
- reduces energy consumption
- extends the service life of home appliances

100% chemical-free

100% maintenance-free

100% quick installation

The Phasis appliance is mounted around the entrance pipeline of the water supply and connects to the power grid. A strong high-frequency alternating-current electric field is created within the ferrite ring. Since water conducts electricity, this high-frequency power can reach all the pipeline segments of your water grid.
The limescale formed on the pipeline inner walls transits from solid to suspended crystal-like state (depending on the amount of deposits it requires different time for the crystallization process) and washes down under the water pressure of the pipeline.
Phasis appliances may have different voltage (25-130 V) and different diameter requirements for the pipelines in order to mount (40-300 mm) in accordance with the building type.

Phasis appliances send electric impulses along the pipes in both ways.
The optimal place to mount the device is the cold water supply pipe directly in front of the heater (boiler, heat exchanger, etc.).
IMPORTANT: the appliance should be mounted in the direction of the flow and directly after other devices such as pumps, filters, reverse valves or separators!

For more complex device connections, please contact our specialists.

Phasis POWER devices are compact in size, mm:
  • With external power supply:               125 х 75 х 47
  • Standard:                                             180 х 75 х 47
  • High-power appliance:                        270 х 98 х 52

Pipe segment length required for installation, mm:
  • With external power supply:               250
  • Standard:                                             330
  • High-power appliance:                        420

Appliance weight (excluding ferrites), kg:                  0.8 - 2.2
Power consumption, W (*):                                          3 - 24
Power grid voltage, V:                                                 90 - 264
Power grid frequency, Hz:                                            47 - 63
Operating temperature range, oC:                               -20 to +60
Water temperatures oC:                                               +4 to +115
Max temperature in contact with the pipeline oC:      : +60
Dust and humidity sealing:   IP 67

* - the reactive wattage may be higher when turned on

You can get more detailed information about the operation of the device by downloading the PDF presentation
Phasis Power Presentation.pdf

Please contact our manager for consultations and enquiries.